Laundering “innocent civilian victim”

From the onset of operation “Secure Edge” against the rocket attacks launched from Gaza on Israel, the media and biased humanitarians qualify the unarmed casualties as innocent victims or un-involved civilians. The purpose of this qualification is to vilify the Israeli Defense Forces and prepare favorably the public opinion for trumpeted charges of war crimes.
As an Israeli citizen and a staunch zionist that carries no weapons and has no military duties, I am still a highly involved participant in the conflict. Not only because Hamas and Jihad are targeting their rockets on my home, but also because as a citizen I am responsible for what my government does even if I may disagree with its policies. It is my sovereign duty to use all the means provided by the Human Rights Charter to oppose or support my government.
The same ruling applies to the Palestinians in Gaza. Democratic elections brought the Hamas to power, the Hamas that vows in its Charter to eradicate Israel. Cheering mass rallies celebrated the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers. Labeling the Gaza people as innocent bystanders is a gross distortion of reality.

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