Tragic deadly mistakes

A little over a week ago a missile downed a passager airplane in the Ukraine killing 300 people. Either a case of mistaken identification or of an accidental launch, the result was unwanted. Still, a missile was fired and someone is responsible. With the background of the violent confrontation between Russian supported separatists and the central Ukrainian government accusing fingers have pointed in all directions, not based on material evidence but in response to ideological prejudices. The truth may never be revealed for fear of unleashing events far more painful than the death of 300 people.
By the same token, the deaths of 15 unarmed Palestinians in an UNWRA school in Beit Hanum, probably by a stray shell is a tragedy. Here however, I believe the Israeli Defense Forces will investigate the event, The truth will emerge and responsibilities will be assumed. Death is an integral element of war, but if its cause is a mistake it entails tragic consequences for both the victims and the perpetators.

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