A paradigm of democray

As the Israeli security cabinet agreed to a prolongation of the humanitarian truce, the police granted a permit for a rally protesting the Israeli military intervention in Gaza. Five thousand protesters gathered in the Tel Aviv city hall square accusing the Israeli defense forces of criminal activity and asking for the ousting of Prime Minister Netanyahu. In this very square, 20 years ago, a hundred thousand crowd cheered Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin’s vibrant call for a peaceful settlement of the Israeli Palestinian conflict and watched in awe his collapse by the bullets of a fanatic assasin.
I draw a parallel between the two rallies, because yesterday’s protest also ended because of violence. The protesters dispersed when the humanitarian freedom fighters from Gaza broke the lull renewing mortar and rocket firing on Israeli cities and homes.
In relation to the democracy paradigm, I am convinced that many Palestinians long for peace. Yet, can anyone tell me when for the last time in Gaza or the West Bank a rally opposed the rocket attacks against Israel, or when the citizens crowded in a public square to voice their desire of a settled peace?

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