Immediate and unconditional cease fire

President Obama, in a personal call to Prime Minister Netanyahu has asked for an immediate and unconditional cease-fire. I want to believe humanitarian concern for the increasing number of victims and the suffering of the survivors motivates President Obama’s plea. The United States and the State of Israel share the deontology derived from their constitutive charters that sets them on the same side of the global and local conflicts map. I want to believe President Obama made his unilateral demand because he has an open communication line with Prime Minister Netanyahu, but cannot reach the Hamas leadership.
I want to believe Prime Minister Netanyahu will agree to a reciprocal lull to allow the people of Gaza to celebrate Eid El Fiter. Yet, I want to believe Prime Minister Netanyahu understands that the temporary truce is a corridor to an armistice of undetermined length. This armistice will leave the security of the Israelis at the mercy of the rate at which Hamas can revamp and expand its murderous arsenal.
I want to remind President Obama that the Hamas Charter vows the eradication of the Jewish State. Hamas has materialized this vow with thousands of rockets and an intricate subterranean network extending into Israeli territory. Not the Israeli blockade, but the cost of this military activity has suffocated the economy of the Gaza Strip. Let us not forget that hundreds of semi-trailer trucks pass daily from Israel to Gaza with food, chemical, fuel, medicines and even cement used to construct the tunnels. Israel provides over 60% of the electrical power consumption of Gaza and a large proportion of its water needs. This is a hell of a blockade.
Allowing an armistice that does not deprive Hamas from its present and future military capability is a dangerous step in a march of events leading to unthinkable consequences for the Jewish people.

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