Disproportionate casualties and crimes against humanity

The qualifier “disproportionate” has become an attribute of casualties reports from Gaza. 1700 Gazans versus 70 Israelis is obviously an issue for headlines. Why did the release of 1000 sentenced terrorists for the return of a single abducted Israeli soldier not deserve the “disproportionate” qualification?
I rebell against this cynical score keeping. Life is a sacred value.. For a mother and father a killed child is an un-quenchable source of grief. The bullet that kills a parent leaves a child in awesome despair and scars his soul forever. The pain is unbearable. That’s why war should be banned as an instrument for settling discord among people and nations. Unfortunately this noble principle leaves men of good will at the mercy of ruthless fanatics. We, the Jewish people, have served as scapegoats for all the ills of the World. We have endured defenselessly twenty centuries of abuse. We are now a nation with the power to defend its security. The past has engraved in our national genome a sense of compassion for human suffering that is written in our Declaration of Statehood. Apparently part of the World has not been able to come to terms with the fact that we are no more the defenseless punchball onto which it can unload its frustrations. Maybe this is the reason for accusing Israel of crimes against humanity.

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